Running Node-Red flows in the browser

Node-Red is pretty useful for wiring together IOF (Internet of Things) devices, but its currently tied to node.js. Here is a way to run it clientside (on a browser) for those things that aren't allowed to run node.js.

Quickly pausing an app in Mac-OS

Chrome has always annoyed me when my battery is low, or when I'm low on memory. So I made a quick terminal command that freezes its processes. Of course I use this for pausing any of my apps.

Compiling Assembly, Integrating with C

Compiling assembly with C is actually pretty easy, you can even get pre-processor commands into your assembly so you can re-use constants between the two.

Using the proper Assembler on Mac OSX

The standard compiler gcc for Mac OSX is actually the clang compiler, this means that you need to use its assembler and linker as well. If you try to do the compilation in steps, you will notice that "as" is not the clang assembler however, which causes it to break down.

In this article I will discuss a simple solution to this problem.

Python Virtual Environments and PIP

virtualenv is a pretty awesome tool for any python user, however it is often too easy to accidentally install new packages into the wrong place. Here I show you how to separate your system packages and that of your project environments.