Kaern's Blade

Magical Item: A merciful sword that refuses to kill its foes, but eagerly drinks in magic. Its main purpose is to absorb all magic, refusing to be sheathed if its purpose isn't met.

Necklace of Anti-Magic

Magical Item: A Necklace that allows you to Create an aura of Anti-Magic around you. Perfect for those pesky wizards! And great against creatures which eat magic as well, (as all magic is suppressed for a short period of time)

Vampiric Blade

Magical Item: A bloodthirsty sword that always draws blood, any wielder is filled with a slight bloodlust, and is unable to sheathe it without drawing blood.

Ravaging Bow

Magical Item: An incomplete bow that multiplies every arrow it shoots. In its current broken state, it shoots 2 arrows aimed properly, and one that aims towards the user. Don't underestimate its power! Though it targets the user as well, the bow can behead its opponents with ease, and enchants its arrows with any spell cast on it.

Mystic Eye Collection Goggles

Magical Item: A cursed pair of eye goggles that is used to steal the eyes of creatures. It doubles as a torture device due to its method of extracting them.