03 July 2013

Welcome to my Blog!

So I've finally decided to get myself a blog, after seeing a few options I decided to go with Jekyll and Github Pages.


I feel this blog could combine most of my passions, coding, movies, and anything else I feel like blogging about. To that end my goal is to separate the main page into multiple post groups. Each group would let you see new posts from that category.

As I add more topics I will update this post.


This would list any CS related topics, and though the title is "Coding" it would include algorithms and other such theoretical topics.


This would be a conglomeration of any movies, books, and other such topics. Mostly this will compose of reviews.


Miscellaneous talks will go here


Thank you for reading this far

Expect to see many changes for the next months as I customize this blog and personalize as much as I can.

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