25 October 2015

A story about a Kobold Tax Crew, looking for mithral.


X or Green (Kobold Psionic Mind Eater): Illithid Descent Psion

  • Played by Syc

Daniels (Kobold Tripping Rogue):

  • Pet Dog Rum
  • Played by Cr4ka

Shadow (Kobold Warlock):

Charmander (Kobold Sorceror):

Groll (Kobold Barbarian):

Kobold Adventure

The Great Emperor, The Great Red Wyrm, found that one of his villages has a wealth of mithril, ordering 200 pounds to be brought in as the initial shipment. Sending a trustworthy team of Kobolds to ensure everything would go as planned.

Due to problems along the highway, Groll was left behind to "clean up", with the rest of the band moving on to the village. The four of them arrived, and were assured the mithril would be brought in by the next day, as promised.

Excerpt from X

Our four brave heroes have settled at an in waiting for our shipment of mithril to be prepared. The Great Emperor, the Red Dragon will be pleased with the offering. Thinking so, our heroes let their guards down and retire for the night when… BOOM~~~! Everything exploded. There were fires everywhere. Our heroes work hard to gather and make it to the mayor to find the THE MITHRIL HAD BEEN STOLEN ) O o O (. What will they do now?

Furious (not really) they charged off towards the mines. Moving through various traps, almost dieing to various shades of pink liquids, and defeating various sizes of goblins. Finally they made it to the EEEE~VIL necromancer and beat the crap out of him too. Thus saving the day and putting an end to the disease plaguing the citizens (which we failed to mention). The heroes march off with their rewards?

Excerpt from Daniels

Woke up in a caved-in, burning inn. X got caught under a collapsed roof. Everyone eventually awoke and got out by climbing the rubble remains of the side of the inn. Met the mayor, he believes the goblins must have attacked the humans when they found out that humans have been mining mithil out of their caves (also ancient dwarven ruins). Party went to check out the mithril they were supposed to give as tribute but it was gone via implosion teleport magic. Mayor then begged the party to figure out the cause of the plague going around in the town.

In the mines the party took forever to enter the corridor due to arrow slits in the walls. Nothing happened. Inside the party tripped the noise trap in one room and opened a flooded room which was full of pinkish water. Which “seemed” to be just like normal water. Party managed to close the flooded room doors before much damage was done. Down the stairs the party found a submerged room with a magic hammer and some ruby eyed statues. X sunk down to the room using the full plate and then was brought back with a rope.

The next corridor was booby trapped with barrels full of shit. Some kobolds got hit, and the magic hammer was also covered by this substance. In the next room the party decimated a small army of hobgoblins and blew up an ogre, and to top it all off: flooded the room. Eventually the party reached the main caverns where they caught up with Groll.

One of the hobgoblins from the previous room had his brains eaten and as a result was essentially a vegetable. The party used his remains to test a slightly more Pinkish fluid that pooled up at the end of the caverns. The mining caverns proved to be nearly fatal for Groll when he decided to go swimming in the pink liquid. The party found piles of dead hobgoblins and eventually found a room with huge columns of liquid mithral. On the bottom of this room there were swarms of fire ants which were quickly taken out by the molten mithral. The next room was a trap room with golden walls and false floors everywhere but the middle. This was a simple endeavor for all but X who nearly fell off right away.

The final room contained an Orc cleric with seemed to control a blob of floating purple water. Which was later determined to be the source of the contaminated water in the nearby town. The Orc almost succeeded a party wipe, but was quickly dispatched due to his own sickness. The party found an empty crypt with a missing necklace in the middle of the room. Which was believed to belong to the former resident lich.

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