06 June 2016

Magic-Item: A glove which stores up to 5 vials of substance, releasing them into your palm with a gesture.


  • Hold up to 5 vials
  • Immediate Action to take one out (and maybe use it)
  • Takes up one glove slot.


These gloves can hold up to 5 vials, these can be any potions, oils, poisons, etc. Taking one of them out is a immediate action, putting one back in is a movement action that provokes an AoO.

Often these gloves don't come as pairs, but you can equip 2 of them to take up the full glove slot.

Using the item once its in your hand means following the applicable rules, drinking portions, throwing alchemy items, coating a weapon, etc. Thus they might still provoke AoO, or take time. However if the item takes a Free, Immediate or Swift Action, it can be folded into the act of activating the gloves.

You don't need to hold on to the item as it appears: dropping an item doesn't take an action. Thus you can have a vial of alchemists fire that you can drop at your feet as a immediate action (interrupt?)

A common use for these gloves is in conjunction with the Teleportation Vial to teleport out of harms way.


Though the story is but a small excerpt from a much larger tale, the highlights shall be retold here.

Craka, Galthor, and Aegis were Player Characters in this scene. Valkyrie, and Thrisperios were still NPCs

Craka and Aegis had appeared in the middle of the Assasin's Guild, and while they had made a bit of a mess Galthor was still impressed with them. Deciding that they'd passed their trials, it was time for their first mission.

Their new team was fleshed out with Galthor and Valkyrie joining them, and their job was to find the 2nd Prince of the Land, Thrisperios.

Timeskip! The Chaos Party happened during this timeskip.

Having followed Silvia's directions, and having excavated a strange doorway, the party found that it was a portal to the Ethreal Plane. Travel in the Ethreal Plane is quite difficult, and the Prince was underground. So deciding to use the connection between the two planes, they dug a hole in the Material Plane, then used that passage in the Ethreal Plane to get to the Prince.

With Aegis going ahead as a Blink Dog, using dimension door to travel (Aegis: Which is quite ingenious), the rest of the group tried to remain hidden. Introducing himself to the Prince, Aegis was able to gain his friendship. However when Craka introduced himself as well, something caught the Prince's suspicion.

With Craka not being trusted, he was forced to remain behind, following along with the other two assassin. Finding another set of Ruins, similar to the ones they found in the Crater, the Prince turned out to be capable of opening doors in this area. With Aegis secretly letting the rest of the party in, they continued trying to learn more about the Prince.

Meanwhile Galthor, being a rebel and all, decided this was his best chance to get rid of anyone who wanted to assassinate the Prince. Attacking Valkyrie, sealing as many of her abilities as possible, and nearly finishing her off in the initial strike. Valkyrie however wasn't a skilled assassin for nothing, always having an escape plan available! Activating her Gloves of Storing, and breaking the Teleportation Vial, she quickly escaped around corners, heading towards the Prince's last known location.

Confusing Craka, Galthor convinced him that Valkyrie had betrayed them! Meanwhile Valkyrie, having found the Prince, used her grivious injuries to convince the Prince that she was a rebel. With Craka and Aegis able to communicate through Silvia they decided that they'd keep the two parties away from each other until they could figure out the truth.

The rest of the tale will be posted sometime under "Zaii'Ren: The Chronicles of Silvia"

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