06 June 2016

Magic-Item: A vial that when crushed teleports you in a specified direction


  • Free Action to crush one
  • Dimension Door: Conjuration (Teleportation)
  • Aura: Moderate Conjuration

Dimension Door

When you crush one of these vials, you teleport in the indicated direction (where you're pointing, any distance) as if by Dimension Door. You can't use the "visualizing the location method", but you can teleport into an unknown location. You also cannot bring another creature.

A common use for these vials is in conjunction with the Storing Gloves to teleport out of harms way. The gloves drop a vial into your hand as an immediate action, and then you can crush one as part of that action, thus using it as an easy escape out of danger.

Remember Dimension Door ends your turn.


This story is told in the Legend of the Storing Gloves

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